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  1. To know Christ and to make Him known.
  2. Help people accomplish their divine purpose and sustain focused productivity throughout their busy day.
  3. Generate financial support for you or your ministry.

Help let others know about uplift YOU daily and bring it to the world. In short order earn a meaningful income or re-direct your earnings to a worthy cause. 

God has called me to lead a team of contributors – where uplift YOU daily uses a 10 minute daily video to help people keep their life rooted in faith, and be supercharged to accomplish their tasks, goals and objectives as they serve humanity.


You’ll bring to the table three things:

  1. your passion to help others experience meaningful devotional and motivational content
  2. your audience or fanbase (whether you presently have less than 100 or more than 10,000)
    <> encourage everyone you know personally to subscribe
  3. one time $50 setup fee


Your reward: meaningful income as your active uplift YOU daily subscriber base grows. Earnings reflect active subscribers through your YourName.upliftYOUdaily.com link. Earn up to 50% of subscription fees enrolled through your affiliate link. Example: with 1,000 $7/mo active subscribers through your affiliate link, you’ll earn $3,500/mo or $42K/yr. Start at 28%; at 300 active subscribers through your link your percentage becomes 35%; at 700, 42%; and at 1,000+, 50%. I’ll provide a custom URL and a stack of business cards:


I'll provide these helpful tools:

  • permanent link YourName.upliftYOUdaily.com
  • personalized 'business' cards to promote YourName.upliftYOUdaily.com
    (see graphic example above)

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upliftYOU - affiliate $50.00 USD
Due Now $50.00 USD