uplift YOU

daily music, devotional & motivation


  1. To know Christ and to make Him known.
  2. Help people accomplish their divine purpose and sustain focused productivity throughout their busy day.
  3. Generate financial support for you or your ministry.

We are called to serve one another, to walk humbly with God. At this point in my music ministry journey God has seeded a calling … a dream, a vision, call it what you will. He has opened and shut doors of opportunity, prepared me for this project, and passionately laid this on my heart – uplift YOU - daily music, devotional & motivation – to serve His people – providing spiritual nourishment, and to inspire, encourage and equip His warriors for success in their daily walk of faith and life activities.

Pray your heart will be touched.


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Up and coming entrepreneurs: Author. Speaker. Graphic Artist. Musician. Together we can accomplish more than apart. Serve people and pay the bills, or generate support for your favorite ministry.

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uplift YOU daily with energy, hope and productive purpose.

♫ MUSIC - praise & worship, entertain, encourage alert productive energy and relaxing stress reduction.

✝ DEVOTIONAL to renew your faith and greater purpose.

⇗ MOTIVATION and inspiration to become a better you.

Join the uYd growing online community, guiding you on a powerful life-changing journey.

The bigger uYd grows, the better the daily experience gets. It costs me time or money for direct marketing efforts. I’d rather pay you or someone you know to ‘get the word out’.

Your spiritual gifts include financial support, and you’re thinking, ‘Corey, I believe in what you're starting here and I’d like to help underwrite the launch of this important ministry of uplift YOU daily.'

>>> Click the buttons above to learn more about how you can get involved with uplift YOU daily. <<<

Corey Peiffer - founder of uplift YOU daily. Husband. Father. Musician:  Piano & Voice. Studio. Stage. Teacher. Director.